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M2Tech because…

Because you like music.
Because you think that good music deserves good sound, as music, sound and emotions belong to the same realm.
Because you like craftsmanship which comes from passion, objects which are made as the consequence of a dream of life.
Because you think that research and innovation live side by side with passion and enjoyment.
Because your mind is open to new experiences.
Because you think that dividing the world into categories is like missing the fun in it.
Because you think that Tesla, Edison, Turing, Marconi and the other great visionaries behind us were right.
But maybe, you also choose M2Tech because you like good sound and Italian style!
About M2Tech
Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, is home to M2Tech.
Pisa was birthplace of great scientists and mathematicians Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Fibonacci, Antonio Pacinotti and Ulisse Dini.
It was in Pisa that Enrico Fermi chose to create the first italian computer, in an evocative place called “Domus Galileiana”.
Guglielmo Marconi founded the first italian long wave radio station in the countryside near Pisa.
Virgo, the gravitational waves detector, is also near Pisa.
Famous composers like Vincenzo Galilei (Galileo’s father) and Giovanni Carlo Maria Clari were born or lived in Pisa.
One of the world’s most important sacred music festivals, “Anima Mundi”, is held every year in Pisa.
Living in Pisa means being continuously surrounded by the past, present and future of technology and science, at the same time experiencing a constant immersion in a rich musical environment. Walking along “Borgo Stretto”, Pisa’s old town central alley, it’s easy to meet students from Scuola Normale Superiore walking side by side with Nobel Prize winners, both reaching some church with a musical instrument in their hand to play in a baroque concert.
Therefore, is not strange that M2Tech mission is to put technology at service of music.
M2Tech mission is to design equipment to enjoy music at its best. We believe that the quality of the sound is fundamental to fully appreciate music, because the perception of the musical nuances in a musical performance, as well as the correct delivery of all the environmental sonic information that make the signature of the venue in which music is played and recorded, contribute to the emotional side of music listening. And music is all about emotions.
But there’s more. When we design a circuit, or a PCB, or write a firmware, we see beyond the mere mechanical exercise: for us, using a CAD or a software development tool is like being in front of a canvas with the brush in one hand and the palette in the other one, totally lost in the creative process. Because we love what we do and we feel that there’s more to a hifi piece of equipment than just a collection of electronic parts and a metal case.
We hope that you’ll like and love your M2Tech products the way we do!


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