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Applied Fidelity Bearing Gen 3 Technics 1200 Jim Howard (Tubesforever)

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Applied Fidelity custom upgraded bearing for a Technics 1200 turntable.

Jim Howard (tubesforever) from Applied Fidelity created a custom spindle end (ceramic ball if I remember correctly), modified the thrust plate with a sapphire pad, and added an oil well with sealed o-ring.
The spindle is taller than stock to accommodate thicker mats.
The spindle shaft bearing is a custom material only Jim knows.

The result is an overall improvement top to bottom, clarity and noise floor.

Here is Applied Fidelity's description of their Technics bearing upgrades:
"Applied Fidelity is proud to offer superior sonics to Technics turntable owners.
Our original and Generation 2 improved bearings continue to be popular items. The Generation 3 Sapphire bearing explores new levels of detail retrieval that defines high fidelity. The original improved bearing will provide quieter backgrounds, pinpoint sound staging, clearer vocals, deeper and tighter bass lines, mid-bass punch, and clearer highs.
The newest Gen 3 Sapphire bearing has low level detail retrieval similar to that of a master recording. It has 1/20th the friction of the stock Technics turntable bearing. I have enclosed the bearing in a sealed oil bath so the oil cannot spill. I use a compressed layer damped technology with this bearing to further reduce resonance.”