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Silver Audio Powerburst 2 Power Cord. 6ft

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Silver Audio Powerburst 2 Power Cord

Model: Powerburst 2

Type: Power Cable

Length: 6ft

Termination: 15 Amp IEC to 3 Prong USA

Physical Condition:
8/10, the connectors and cable have minimal signs of use.

Functional Condition:
The cable was tested and fully functional

Tobacco/Pet Free: Yes

Included are:
1x 6ft Silver Audio Powerburst 2 Power Cord

The Power Burst is a rock solid, heavy gauge, extensively shielded, noise attenuated, demand flow AC supply cord that will last a lifetime and never be current limiting to ANY audio equipment under ANY circumstance. The benefits of increased current transfer and reduced arching noise afforded by the Wattgate’s high-tension contacts. The design of the connector gave us the opportunity to again enhance the effective noise attenuation bandwidth for the cable from low RF (think digital noise region) all the way down towards the real problem area; power line harmonics. The noise suppression is non-current limiting making the cable ideal for power hungry amplifiers that cannot be plugged into power conditioners. Since noise suppression is effective on all three legs of the cable, use of the cable for all digital gear is highly recommended as well. The Power Burst’s unique ferromagnetic shielding makes it the only known cable immune to the egress and ingress of powerful low frequency EMI, (less than 1000 cycles) against which conventional shielding is useless. The Power Burst will quietly and efficiently eclipse the efforts of virtually any other high-end audio power cord and still fora deceptively low price that greatly understates it’s true worth.