Reviewers comparing $1,000 gear with $10,000 gear.

It is common practice since the dawn of reviews, but it just made a light bulb flash up for a second in my brain...

Why do reviewers more often than not compare a (for example) $1,000 piece of gear with a $10,000 piece of gear and then going on to say that it can compete with the more expensive comparable.
Does that mean that people that pay $10,000 for a piece of gear are being deceived and cheated out of their money?
I think so, because that is what reviewers make us believe.

Then that $10,000 piece of gear is compared to a $50,000 piece of gear with the same comments about the cheaper piece of gear as above.

Please help me out, because my head is about to explode...

Are reviewers notorious liars?
Did he mean indirectly that the $1,000 piece of gear sounds the same as the $50,000 piece of gear?

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