Who is HiFi Boutique?

Long long time ago in 2012 it all started. No, I am not 10 years old, HiFi Boutique is.
It is just me, myself and I.

My first venture in the 'audio business' was a bulk purchase of Audioquest cables and I got hooked.
HiFi Boutique was a nice way to finance my own audio addiction and the need to upgrade and change my gear more often than my underwear.

Now 10 years later HiFi Boutique is Authorized Dealer for Cyrus Audio, Q Acoustics, QED, Goldring, Unison Research, Opera Speakers, Acoustic Energy, Audia Flight, NEO Audio Racks, Soulnote, English Acoustics and Titan Audio.

The used audio gear division of HiFi Boutique buys and sells gear ranging from Logitech Harmony Remotes all the way up to Wilson Audio.

A vast amount of different items has come through my little office/warehouse/music room.
Which allows me to help you find exactly what you need and fits your taste of music.

Last, but not least, I run HiFi Boutique with the same philosophy as I do in life:
Treat other the way you want to be treated yourself.