B&W 805S vs. Goldenear Aon 3

I put the Goldenear Aon 3 against the B&W 805S and the difference is huge!
The B&W went first and sounds very clean, detailed, warm and every instrument and the singer can easily be identified and placed, but not fatiguing at all. There is a perfect balance between the high, mid and bass. The speakers do not disappear, with eyes closed you can point where the speakers are.
Best speaker I have heard to date!

Next the Goldenears and personally I like these better. These sound more like live music, not as detailed as the b&w. They sound more bass heavy, which I like. The soundstage is much bigger and the music is all around you. You hear the music from your left side to your right side instead of just in front of you like the b&w.
The speakers tend to disappear. Playing Led Zeppelin where a lot of acoustic guitar comes from just the left speaker, with the b&w the sound comes out of the speaker and with the Goldenear it floats in front of the speaker and a little on the right side of the speaker instead of directly from the speaker.

If we disregard the price difference ($1000 vs. $2250-$2500 used) the B&W 805S is a much better speaker when it comes to quality of the sound, detail and balance.
When it comes to 'music' and not 'sound' the Goldenear Aon 3 is better. It is more 'fun' to listen to and is more for people that want great music in the whole room and not sit in the center and pluck every detail from the music.
To put it this way: I would prefer the B&W when sitting down to really enjoy the music and taking my time. If I want to play music and enjoy it as if its played live in your room I prefer the Goldenear.

From an audiophile point of view, the B&W beats the Goldenear by a mile.

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