Pathos Logos, my thoughts...

The waiting is over!

It's here and so are its new feet.
I HAD to change the feet, they were plastic! Now they are the better aluminum ones...

That thing is HEAVY! 65lbs, as much as my (back then) 9 year old...
After putting it in place and connecting the cables it was ready to be turned on.
A few heavy relay clicks later the amp was ready to do!

Starting up the 'equipment test' playlist on my
Sonos I immediately hear the sound stage being huge!
It was really all around me.
Putting it through its paces playing acoustic guitar, fast paced rock, electronic, female vocals and bass heavy pieces.
This amp eats it all with ease!
Bass is tight, fast and deep.
Mids are realistic and detailed.
The highs are crisp, detailed and not sharp sounding.

Overall every style of music will sound incredible through this amp!!

Only point of disappointment is the acoustic guitar, they don't sound as natural and realistic as the good tube amps.

Bottom line:
Stunning looks, heavy built and flexibility in what types of music sound good.
This will appeal many for its aesthetics and sound.

Simply great!

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