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Audience Conductor Shotgun Bi-Wire (double run of cables) Speaker Cables. 12ft Pair. Spades to Spade

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Audience Conductor Shotgun Bi-Wire (double run of cables) Speaker Cables

Model: Conductor

Type: Speaker Cables

Length: 12ft

Termination: Spades on both ends

Physical Condition:
8/10, the spades show some use and the braided cable sleeves are perfect.

Functional Condition:
The cables were tested and fully functional

Tobacco/Pet Free: Yes

Included are:
1 pair of 12ft Audience Conductor speaker cables

Conductor cables are a high performance to price ratio, entry level cable by Audience. Like all cables by Audience, the Conductor line is designed for low eddy-current resistance. We have found low eddy-current resistance to be the most important quality in high-resolution audio and video cables. The Conductor cables are very flexible, making them easy to install in tight spaces. To achieve greater sonic purity, the physical design leans towards simplicity. Our ultra-simple Au24 RCA connectors maintain this simplicity. Subjectively, a natural musical timbre is realized. Tonally, there is a family resemblance with the Au24 interconnects with only slightly less resolution.
The Conductor High Resolution cables are an excellent choice when high resolution, tonally pleasing sound reproduction is desired while staying within budget.

GoodSound: “…The cables you choose should leave you with no doubt that better performance can be had only at a far greater cost that would be out of proportion with the cost of the rest of your system.
The Conductor cables from Audience fit this description well. I can think of no good reason to spend more on cables for an affordably priced system. While using the Audiences, I never once longed for more. The Conductor is the affordable cable I’ll be recommending to friends and family.”