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Titan Audio

Titan Audio Eros Power Cord

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The brand new Eros cable is another Titan Audio product which is compatible with our proprietary new FORCEFIELD technology (patent pending) which will offer shielding ability which has never been seen before in any industry. The uniquely designed technology has been added to our new cables after years of R&D to bring this truly revolutionary technology to market.


The Eros cable comes with our unique FORCEFIELD technology connectors, which allows customers to add the FORCEFIELD technology module at a later date, or as an optional extra when purchasing the cable.
The Eros cable is available from 1.5 meter lengths and is designed to be used with source components however it still offers significant current delivery and is the first model in the Titan Audio range with OCC ( single crystal copper) construction.

OCC is often referred to as continuous casting as the cable is one continuous single crystal which allow the electrons to flow easily through it. With standard copper, when magnified the copper contains millions of crystals, with the flow of electricity having to pass through each individual crystal, disrupting . This then reduces the flow of electrons through the cable. OCC is the best copper conductor available as the cable strands are one continuous crystal, meaning the electricity can flow through it easily, allowing for elections to flow without impedance It improves significantly on the performance of the Helios cable. The cable is then sheathed in a PTFE dialetric which reduces even further the effects of RFI & EMI interference both airborne and mains-borne. the Eros is constructed using OCC copper multi strand cable with a braided steel screen. The UK version uses a cryogenically treated medical grade MK mains plug with an upgraded bussman fuse as well as a custom designed cryogenically treated red copper wattgate IEC plug. The Shuko and US versions use custom designed gold plated mains plugs.


  • Description            3 core 5mm OCC copper cable
  • Material                  OCC ( oxygen free continuous cast copper)
  • Construction          Multicore dual drain
  • Dieletric                  Extruded PTFE (heavy duty)
  • Screen                    Braided steel screen + Forcefield technology
  • Sheath color          Grey/black