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Unison Research

Unison Research S6

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The Unison S6 integrated amplifier offers personality, refinement and aesthetics...and a totally new amplifier design from a mechanical standpoint. The latest version of our S6 has been steadily updated and improved over the years to the point where it is easily one of the most respected integrated amplifiers in the world. The contrasting highlights of the wooden inlays on the front panel also reveal the technical sophistication of this amplifier, emphasizing the pride of ownership that comes with the term “Made in Italy.”

The S6 integrated amplifier is an amplifier that benefits from the experience of many years of designing and manufacturing amplifiers made by Unison Research.
The S6 is a medium power amplifier with the amplifier output configuration Single Ended Ultra-parallel. This compact amplifier is able to drive almost all speakers on the market, including low sensitivity.
Electronic features.
The stages consist of two triode preamp directly coupled, while the output stage uses three pentodes for each channel type in configuration EL34 Single Ended Ultra-parallel.
The output transformer, as tradition Unison Research has been specifically designed and is made entirely by hand in our laboratories.
the characteristics of this transformer extensive damage to the amplifier frequency response linear with high sound quality.
Outputs planned for 4 and 8 ohm impedance no limit to the choice of speakers.
The power transformer, large is able to seamlessly provide all the energy needed to operate the amplifier in any condition.
During design and development of S6 has tried to create an amplifier that use the smallest possible number of electronic components in the audio path.
Importantly, all connections to input and output amplifier are gold plated so that contacts can remain perfect after many years of use.

The Unison Research, as tradition has always placed great importance and attention to the aesthetics of its products.
The originality of form and choice of materials is to demonstrate the artistry and expertise of our design team.
The S6 is another expression of art for which the Unison Research is known worldwide and we are justifiably proud.
The wooden parts of the amplifier are handcrafted using blocks of precious woods.
The rotary controls are non-magnetic stainless steel, turned and machined precision numerical control.
The design of each tube amplifier must also take account of the dissipation of heat produced by the valves. S6 in this need has been resolved with an attractive layout of the arc power tubes and a baseplate with non-magnetic stainless steel heat reflector function.
A wire grille protects chrome valves allowing adequate ventilation without compromising the view of the valves.
Sound characteristics.
A careful calibration and fine for maximum sound quality of S6 was performed in several months of listening tests, using a variety of sources and speakers.
The largest and most important result of this calibration process was to determine the value of feedback. This allowed us to achieve maximum sound quality, high capacity for detail reproduction, without altering or compromising lightness, transparency and heat.


Type: Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier

Output Stage: single-ended parallel, ultralinear

Classe: pure A class

Output Power: 30/35 Watt/channel

Frequency Response: 20 – 50000 Hz

Output Impedance: 6 Ohm

Input Impedance: 47 kOhm

Inputs: 5 line

Outputs: 1 tape, loudspeakers

Power Consumption: 265VA max

Dimensioni : 35 cm x 21cm x 49 cm (L x H x P )

Net Weight: 55 lbs