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Unison Research

Unison Research uPhono+

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uPhono+ is a multifunctional MM/MC phono preamplifier featuring high resolution A/D processing and conversion, three digital outputs and a high-current headphone stage.

uPhono+ Analogue Features

  • Moving Magnet (MM) stage gain: 38dB @ 1kHz
  • Moving Coil (MC) stage gain 58dB or 69dB @ 1kHz selectable with dip-switches
  • MM cartridge input with 4 loading capacitor values (100/200/320/420pF) selectable with dip-switches
  • MC cartridge input with 7 loading resistor values (20/50/100/150/250/500/1kOhm) selectable with dipswitches
  • Fixed level analogue output
  • Variable level analogue output: level varied with front panel volume control
  • High-current headphone stage: can be used with headphones from 16 to 600 ohms impedance
  • Subsonic IEC anti-rumble filter with override dip-switch
  • Optimized PCB layout and widespread use of SMD componentry to minimize the length of the signal path
  • Alps® «Blue Velvet» potentiometer that simultaneously adjusts the volume of the headphone stage and the level of the variable output
  • Low noise internal mains power supply with totally independent analogue and digital power supplies

uPhono+ Digital Features

  • USB 24bit/96kHz max. sample rate to record your vinyl discs on PC and save them in high-resolution formats
  • Toslink (96kHz) digital optical output
  • S/PDIF (96kHz) digital coaxial output
  • A/D conversion carried out using the Cirrus Logic CS5341 IC
  • USB asynchronous transmission using the Bravo SA9137 IC
  • Digital optical and coaxial transmission using the TI DIT4096 IC

Technical specifications uPhono+

Analogue Inputs Moving magnet cartridge (MM) / High output moving coil (MC) Low and ultra-low moving coil cartridge (MC)

Analogue Outputs Fixed level analogue output Variable level analogue output Headphones (16-600Ω): ¼ inch (6.35mm) stereo jack socket

Digital Outputs USB B-type for connection to a PC (up to 24bit/96kHz) Optical Digital Coaxial Digital

Input Impedance MM 47kΩ+100/200/320/420pF MC 20/50/100/150/250/500/1kΩ+1nF

System Gain at 1kHz MM 38dB MC 58dB / 69dB selectable

Nominal output level 316mVRMS (-10dBV)

Input sensitivity for nominal output level MM 3.36mVRMS MC (58dB) 0.336mVRMS MC (69dB) 0.1mVRMS

Signal/Noise Ratio MM -80dB MC (58dB) -64dB MC (69dB) -60dB

RIAA curve accuracy +/- 0.3dB from 20Hz to 30kHz

IEC anti-rumble filter -3dB at 20Hz and 6dB/octave

Overload margin (headroom) 30dB THD+N at 1kHz MM 0.018% (10mVRMS in) MC (58dB) 0.12% (1mVRMS in) MC (69dB) 0.12% (1mVRMS in)

Line output impedance Fixed 824Ω Variable 824Ω

Headphone stage Output level 2.18VRMS Max THD+N 0.07% (1kHz /32Ω)

USB A/D Resolution 16/24 bit Sample rates 8, 16, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz

Coaxial digital output 0.5Vp-p a 75Ω / 96kHz max.

Mains voltage 100-120V AC

Power 6.6W Dimensions (H x W x D) 82.5 x 216mm x 251mm (3.25 x 8.5 x 9.9 inches) including feet, connectors and knobs

Weight 2.6Kg